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Completely painless, despite how it may sound! The only danger is how addicting this service becomes!

Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment for anyone concerned with visible aging, discoloration, or dry, rough skin. It can even be suitable for some with Rosacea, sensitive skin and for expecting mothers. Woo, Hoo! Using a physical exfoliation technique with a sterile, surgical-like blade, we slough away dead skin cells, remove unwanted peach fuzz and alleviate discoloration. Providing stunningly smooth, radiant skin and allowing products and treatments to work more effectively. We promise your vellus hair will never grow back thicker or in more abundance than before! Dermaplane is our favorite and most popular service for three key reasons: instant results, minimally invasive and little downtime (though it is imperative to wear SPF every day following treatment, if you aren't already!)


*All Estheticians at TSS are both Certified AND hold the required licensure to legally provide Dermaplane in the state of NJ

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