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Get To Know
The Studio

We are a clean and spacious, by appointment only, skincare studio following all guidelines and regulations set by the CDC. Specializing in Dermaplane and highly customized services, we proudly offer a variety of result-driven Hydro Facials, Acne Treatments, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Therapy, LED, Nano Needling and Bridal Packages -- just to name a few!

Address your concerns and achieve healthier skin under the care of our advanced Estheticians. All first-time clients begin with an in-depth consult and skin assessment, providing valuable info on your current skin-situation. This will allow your Esthetician to recommend the best suited treatment or plan of action for your specific needs and desired results. Our expertise and knowledge will allow you to relax, recharge and rejuvenate, all-while improving your skin care and health with each session.​


You will find your Esthetician working by your side, in a one-on-one environment, to tailor each session and produce continuous improvement. At The Skincare Studio, providing you with bare face confidence is both our priority and passion!

We Asked Founder & CEO, Taylor Manthey,

The first words that came to mind were

“Integrity, Passion and Client Value."

She went on to express, "When I first imagined The Skincare Studio, I envisioned a space that brings a sense of 'pause' and encourages one to escape the daily rush and worries of life. A spa environment that allows you to drop your shoulders at the door, recharge, and walk out with an elevated feeling of self-love, confidence and understanding of skin."


After working nearly 10 years in the industry, Taylor often recognized the struggle to provide both result-driven and stress-relieving services while also maintaining a calm atmosphere and catered experience. She wanted a chance to proudly provide the level of service she believed all clients truly deserve. "I wanted nothing less than professional and exceptional. No rushing, no pressure. Just feel-good vibes and building genuine client relationships by offering highly calibrated treatments based on their skincare needs and goals."

For Taylor, to create such a space would be a dream come true. When presented with the opportunity, she could foresee the path that would make that dream a reality. And in 2020, the doors to The Skincare Studio were open and welcoming clients ever since! 

What Sparked The Idea For TSS?




When it comes to treating the skin, we believe in wellness, not perfection. And let's be honest, who doesn't have skin-securities? That's why at The Skincare Studio, we promise a peaceful, comfortable and judgement-free environment. Guaranteeing to never rush, cut-corners, or be pushy with suggested products and treatments.


From the moment you walk in, to your last step out, we strive to provide "the perfect session" and hope you feel the quality of service and complete care we seek to deliver. The Skincare Studio is a safe space to talk comfortably about your skin-securities, obtain guidance, and receive treatments that lift your total spirit.

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